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Summertime is project time….




And the garage/woodshed/storage building is getting a long over due vinyl siding face lift.




First,  the  husband had to be bribed, cursed, nagged  rotted wood had to be replaced.




And there was plenty of that.

Of course, we weren’t expecting the surprise the  lousy land beaver, Devil’s spawn  woodchuck left for us in the storage space out back.





And tunnels.




The little  bastard, rodent of Satan  darling had been busy.




So we spent an hour and a half filling holes and smoothing earth.

I have a feeling this job is going to be the   end of my marriage, reason I drink   gift that keeps on giving.


Blogster time warp?

So I did my daily check to see if Blogster had risen from the dead and noticed the normal “Blogster Log In” link was gone.

I searched around a little and found one that took me here –




Very odd.

It wouldn’t let me log in and I didn’t recognize anyone except Maria. When I clicked on her photo I landed on the “We are currently performing system updates” page.

Did I do a little time travelling here?

Is this what Blogster looked like back in the day…..