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I still love my town, but…



Remember Mr. H?



The charismatic donkey that was built as a parade float but had recently been traveling around our town?

The one a local artist spent two years designing and building?



Mr. H was well loved in our small rural community and people looked forward to seeing him cruising from place to place. Homeowners could request a Mr. H visit and he would happily park on your lawn for photo ops and climb aboards.

And then?




An event that’s shocked our close knit little town.



The following is a statement from our town’s state representative –




The artist donated this cat sculpture to our local elementary school and he happily greets children every morning as they start their day.



I wish I’d known about the little memorial gathering. I would have attended and mourned his loss.



As well as the loss of civility and common decency we’re currently experiencing in this country.



Rest In Peace Mr. H.

I’m hoping everything you and the flag you stood for isn’t dead as well.



What do you do when it snows a foot during a pandemic quarantine?

Well, if you live in Maine….

You have a snow sculpture contest!

That strange looking blob turned into this:

A goldfinch on a nest.

It gets my vote….

But here are some other entries.

Small snowman.

Snow frog.

Large snowman.

Musical snowman.

Upside down snowman.

Snow horse.

Snow bunny.

Snow pig?

Snow mermaid.

And a snow public health advisement…

Someone posted this as well …..

I love it, but have a feeling it was pulled off the net and not a local entry.

A+ for originality though.


Chesterwood, Part 2




Yes, part 2.

Suck it up Buttercup and read on.




Chesterwood house, Daniel French’s summer home in the Berkshires.

It’s said that his wife found this piece of property, fell in love with the mountain view and told him… you must build me a house here.




So he did.




And added various porches to take full advantage.




Of course the porches had sculptures.




Which were pretty wonderful.




The interior of the house was comfortable…




And not overly grand.




With hand painted wall paper imported from France….




Giving the illusion of being surrounded by nature while indoors.

I might have just potted a fern, but whatever.




Most of the beds were tall…




Which could be a difficult climb after a few too many at dinner.




But you could always spend the night on one of the porches.




There were certainly enough of them.




Some more heavily decorated than others.




I think I could do morning tea here quite nicely …




Yes, I could.




Evening cocktails?