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News you can’t use.


Because the headlines just keep on coming.



Great. Like we don’t have enough earth born pathogens…



If there’s a better name for a female aardvark than Princess Dirt Pig, I don’t know what it is.



I adore this idea!

Though it may mean longer waits for the bathroom at dinner parties.



I have to disagree with this one. My MIL aged at a normal rate…



Holy crap, I hope so! In their case, total annihilation can’t come soon enough.

No pun intended.


Never let it be said….


We have boring neighbors.

Looking out the window last week I saw this:




Thinking I was sober…

I found another window to be sure.




Okay, still there.




Yes, there really was a T Rex walking up our neighbor’s driveway.


Maybe he was on his way to the store….




Maybe he was just out strolling with a friend.




Although what the hell that neon green thing was supposed to be has yet to be determined.




Never a dull moment as Casa River.