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Shopping for cats.


My Facebook page is currently flooded with cat related products. I’m not complaining, it certainly beats the ball wash and butt deodorant I used to see. And hey… if I enjoy doing beer flights?



I’m sure Lord Dudley Mountcatten would not be averse to a flight of kitty chronic.

This next product looked promising for me winning the cat box war.



Though ridiculously large, it’s self contained and would stop our furry menace from flinging litter.



Hmm. Guess that’s a no.

And I hate to admit it but yes, I broke down and ordered something silly.



A personalized mask of me and Dudley. Granted I haven’t worn a cropped, midriff baring blouse in 20 (okay, 25. Geesh!) years…. but the hair color and wide hips are pretty close.



me (2)


Cape Cod Day 4. Farewell to Martha’s Vineyard, hello to Bad Martha’s beer. And then some Italian.


While we’d planned on taking the 8:30pm ferry back to Woods Hole…




We arrived early and were put on an earlier freight run.




Yay! Third car on, I figured we’d be the third car off.

I was wrong.

So very wrong…




But it was a gorgeous night for a boat ride.




And for some full moon photography.




Even if some of the shots went a little wonky.




Before we knew it we were pulling into port.




And the doors were opening…





Do I take fascinating videos or what?



Naturally, we were almost the last to leave.




But that’s alright, it was a wonderful day and a memorable adventure of a fabulous place.

Next stop?





We’d passed this place in Falmouth a few times during our trip and decided that night we’d stop.




Bad Martha’s, a brewery from Edgartown on the Vineyard… from whence we just came, but managed to miss while we were there.




It was a fun space.

Loud and exuberant…. probably like Martha herself.




We did a flight.




And sadly weren’t impressed with the beer, the really uncomfortable metal tractor seats or the small menu. Basically a few pizzas or a cheese plate.

So we moved on to Mashpee and found a great little Italian restaurant.




Cranberry margarita in hand..




We drooled over the menu.




Veal Portofino for me…




(Okay, 2 cranberry margaritas in… I admit the quality of photography tends to decline.)




Chicken Florentine for the husband.




And a classic on the television at the bar.

(I still have my original album, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Hey Bartender!)




Dessert was a shared Limonatta cream cake. Husband said he didn’t want any and ended up eating 2/3rds of it.

Light as air and positively delicious, how could he not?

One more slightly inebriated photo later…




(It was a nice looking place, you’ll just have to take my word for it.)

Day 4… over and out.








Cape Cod Day 2… Beer. More beer. And a sunset at the beach.


Heading back to our resort after lunch we stopped in at Devil’s Purse brewery in South Dennis.




It’s an unassuming little place in a warehouse, with a beam for a bar…




And slab topped barrel tables with no seats. Personally I’m not fond of this concept, but space was limited and they probably don’t want to encourage you to linger.

That being said their beer was good. Very good… and we enjoyed our time there.




Sadly, they didn’t do flights which is my preferred way to sample a new brewery’s offerings.




But they did offer 4 ounce pours… (at roughly a dollar an ounce!)  and we tried quite a few.

They specialize in European style beer and we specialize in never liking the same one. The Pollock RIP IPA was too bitter for me, while the Shore Laddie blackberry porter was too rich for him. But we both loved their plum saison Season In Hell…. enough to buy a growler to take home.

The tasting room is also dog friendly which is fun.




No, Fido wasn’t drinking. His owner just wanted a good picture.

Sound like anyone you know…?



Back in Hyannis, we decided to stop at the Cape Cod brewery which is by far the largest and most popular.




But as with most things, size doesn’t matter.

(Sorry fellas, but it’s true)




Saturday afternoon at 3:45 and the place was packed. Though why that was, I really can’t say.




When we got to the bar…. we were told they were closing in 15 minutes and wouldn’t be able to do a flight, but we could order a small pour or two.



Please explain this reasoning, because I’m confused. You do flights, but won’t give us one because you’re closing soon…. but you will pour us multiple smalls.  What’s the difference?

And to that…. closing at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon. WTH? When we asked why they closed so early on the weekend, we were told it’s because their workers want to have fun too.



It’s a good thing the entire restaurant and bar industry doesn’t follow this trend….we’d all be forced to have fun at home.

And no one wants that.




But, it was beer and we must drink. Which we did, though I wish we hadn’t…

Personal table top ring toss games aside, their beer was as flat and uninteresting as their let’s close early!  business plan. We drank 4 between us and I couldn’t even finish one of mine.

I. Left. Beer. On. The. Table.

Yeah, that’s bad.




And yet we had bartenders tell us this is the tourist’s preferred brand.

Okay, they have a gift store.




And heavily merchandise their product.




But it will take more than that to get me to drink it again.

We drove back to the resort at dusk, remembering that the desk clerk recommended we watch the sunset at the nearby South Cape Beach State Park.




So thank you Sea Mist Resort desk clerk.




We took your advice.




And ended our first full day at the Cape….




Surrounded by natural beauty….




Fresh ocean air…




Beautiful colors…




And a growing appreciation for your part of the world.