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Motivational posters and still more pickles.


I have a few Facebook friends who share nothing but motivational posters.

No family photos. No vacation albums. No silly animal videos.

Just these.



Most of them are pretty.



Some of them are cute.



Okay, you got me. That one makes perfect sense.

And while I’m sure my friends mean well spreading their words of wisdom, I’ve never been a motivational/self help type of girl. I don’t read the books, I don’t cross stitch the sayings on pillows.

My idea of good advice runs more along these lines.



Kind of the anti motivational motivation.

It’s just how I roll.

And in case you were wondering? My pickle algorithm is alive and well.



No, they’re not.

Trust me on this.


Things I’ll never need.


I can honestly say I will never need a Russian pickle puff.



But I suppose it’s good to know they exist all the same.



Shark slippers? I’m sure they’re great for scaring the crap out of sand crabs, but no.



Do I need to drink my cocktails out of a bird’s ass?

I most assuredly do not.



And if I don’t need a bird ass cocktail delivery system? I certainly don’t need an egg laying one. Trust me, this will not relieve my stress.


Product Hell.


Have you ever walked through a store and spotted products that make you do a double take?

I do it quite often and always stop to take pictures to rant/blog/post about later.

Here are a few of my latest finds:




Pickle In A Pouch.

Unrefrigerated and languishing for God knows how long by the cash register?

That’s just wrong.




But Big Papa anthropomorphized Pickle…

The Portly Pickle who’s arms are open wide and ready to wrap you in his pickley goodness??

So very, very wrong.



Then… there was this:




A remote control Tom Brady helicopter.

Maybe Bill Belichick will use these to spy on opposing teams from now on,  who knows.

But I have to admit…




I think they got Tom’s shade of lipstick just right.



And finally, there was this wireless keyboard and mouse I ordered from Amazon for the husband.




Which looked great until we opened it and found it didn’t include a dongle. I went back to the Amazon listing and it said “Just plug and play”, so where the hell was it?

Let’s check the instructions.









Shame my Japanese is a little rusty.




P.S.   The dongle?

Hidden in a compartment on the back of the mouse.

It’s always the last place you look.