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Because you never know what you’ll see…


I woke up this morning to fog.




Hanging over everything like a gentle blanket of white…






In some places there was a sharp delineation.




As if it cut by a knife.






But as it started to lift…




I looked way out into the back yard by the woods and saw…




A piner!!



I did!




And in the 17 years we’ve lived here?

Not one single porcupine sighting… until now.

There’s elusive creatures, solitary by nature. Shy, quiet and slow… but apparently willing to high five in Philly.





(I totally need to visit Philly now, damn it.)

Sadly, while we see plenty of them dead on the side of the road…. we’ve never seen one at our house since the majority of our property is open lawn or field and they prefer the wooded areas.

So… a piner!!



I was thrilled… and attempted to creep across the back lawn to get a better picture. Naturally, I don’t creep well and he spotted me….. and shimmied down the tree before I could get close.




But I saw a piner on our property and have blurry photos to prove it.

Yay me!



Here’s a piner eating corn on the cob.



Note to self – buy corn on the cob.