Products no one needs.


A list of gifts to give your friends. If you don’t ever want them to speak to you again that is….



Repeat after me, ” I will not buy River a dog’s ass pillow for her birthday or Christmas. Not now. Not ever. ”



Seriously? Like I don’t have enough guilt reaching for those two extra slices of cheese as it is.




Why in the world would anyone want to walk around in a baguette? I’ve been to France and had them fresh from the boulangerie. They are made to sop up sauce, be covered in jam or smothered in cheese… not your nasty foot funk.

That’s a hard no from me.


18 thoughts on “Products no one needs.”

  1. By the way, I ordered that Dirt candle. It was atrociously expensive given its size, but it smells exactly like fresh earth. I LOVE it. I’ve been burning it in our new sunroom and despite the polar vortex we’ve been suffering through, it almost seems like a summer day in there. I will be buying this candle regularly and trying not to notice the price!

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