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Porches and decks. Decks and porches. They’re everywhere…


If there’s one thing that struck me as we wandered around this grand old dame of a resort…



It was the feeling that it wanted you to sit, relax and simply… be.



Everywhere we went there were long porches with ample seating. Upstairs, downstairs, all with fabulous views.



On top of the east wing?



An outdoor bar with covered porch…



And open deck Adirondacks.



Around another bend?



Another covered porch with ample seating. If you can’t find a chair here, there’s something seriously wrong with you.



Around back? The pool, complete with mountain view.


Dinner in Baileys Island


It was a lovely drive along the coast…



And though I would have loved to stop and snap some photos, the husband was hungry… so you’ll have to make do with a few quick shots from the car.



Here’s the famous Cribstone Bridge.



And as you’ve probably guessed, lobster reigns supreme.



This was our destination, Cooks Lobster and Ale House.



A local landmark built in 1955 on a long spit of land with panoramic water views. Popular with locals and tourists alike (although we locals don’t appreciate the tourist prices) it’s a no fuss, traditionally rustic waterfront restaurant.



But what it lacks in decor? It makes up in scenic vistas. The view from our table was pretty sweet.



The cocktails are potent.



And two Cosmopolitans were all I could handle if I wanted to remain upright.



Pardon the fuzzy pic, it was taken through a screen.



The food is simple but delicious. Caesar salad (with the most amazing homemade herb butter croutons evah!) for me, a tasty French onion soup for my other half.



Perfectly cooked lightly battered fried sea scallops for me….



And lazy lobster for my rat bastard husband who ate it in front of me without feeling the least bit guilty. (I came up allergic 7 years ago and can no longer consume the delicious crustaceans without becoming seriously ill. 😩)



Dessert? Of course it was blueberry pie. And as we waddled out to the car… we stopped for a moment to take in the beauty.



And realized the husband might have backed up a bit too far upon arrival.



Maine rocks. They’re unforgiving little devils.


White Mountains trip… Day 7. The beginning of the end.


On the 7th and final full day of our trip, the husband woke up and said no more hiking, climbing and jumping rocks.

Or rather his back did…




So we did what any (not so) able bodied tourists would do…

We had a long lazy breakfast…




And resort hopped the day away.




Our first stop was a brand new place perched at the bottom of Mount Washington.




While it didn’t look like much from the front, the views out back were wide open.




With a large deck…




Ample seating, and a fire pit to take it all in.




Inside there was a nice dining room..




Filled with old photos…




And history of the area.






But it was the lounge and bar that drew our attention.

(You’re shocked, I know.)




It had my kind of moose head mounted over the mantle…




And a wall of windows…




That made for a damn near perfect spot to drink.




So we drank.



(You’re surprised, I know.)




My Thyme In Mumbai please…




Yes, I believe that tasted like another one.




The bartender/waitress was a hoot and had us sample a new hard cider by North Country called Squashed. I’m not a fan of all that pumpkin spiced crap but this was heavenly. Light, crisp with delicate undertones… I was hooked. Until I researched it and realized you could only buy it by visiting their tasting room.

Future road trip itinerary – check!

Thinking it might be a good idea to have some food to soak up the alcohol, I opted for a crab cake that was the size of a large saucer and pure crab. It was sublime.




Tomato bisque for the husband.




Which was small, but delightfully rich and creamy.




Bacon wrapped pan seared sea scallops for him…




Grilled chicken club wrap for me.

Good bye diet.




We soaked in the wall of windows a little longer…




Then headed out….




To resort #2.

(You’re welcome food people. Breakfast and lunch!)




White Mountains trip Day 5. Cathedral Ledge.


Are you ready for a deluge of photos?



Good, then you’re in the right place…

Because this was probably the most scenic spot we found on our trip.




Pulling into the park, the ledge loomed ahead.




We drove up a long, winding, foliage bracketed road…

And a short walk from the parking lot at the top?








I’m going to run out of words to describe the view pretty quickly.




Breath taking. Splendid. Dazzling. Jaw dropping. Stunning…








And look at the rocks!




And the trees!




And the even bigger rocks…




With people climbing up them.



I was one happy camper.

Even when I saw I couldn’t use the mountaineers as target practice.




It was glorious.




Every where you turned…




Magnificent views.




Made me feel like I was on top of the world.




More to come.