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How could I not?


I saw this ad a while back and knew I had to try it.



I mean really, how could I resist?



Though despite the name, I won’t be rubbing it on my bum.



I have no earthly idea what cupuacu butter is….



But the fact that the cream is actually pronounced ‘boom boom’… makes it worth the risk.



I’m not loving or flaunting what I’ve got. Nope. Not for years, there’s just too much of it now.



But this stuff is rich, delightfully creamy and smells absolutely fabulous. The scent is almost strong enough to wear as a light perfume. And if the guarana wants to tighten my thighs? Who am I to argue.



If it could do something about my hot flashing red cheeks? I’d buy it by the barrel.


I drink and I know things.


I do.

And I have the shirt to prove it.




People often say I’m a font of useless knowledge…

(Okay it’s just my husband who says that, and it’s usually to keep me from talking during  John Wayne movies)  But I do rock at Trivial Pursuit and no one will play with me anymore. So that means I’m going to have to share the ridiculous tidbits that fill my head my fun facts here.

With you.

On a regular basis.

Shall we begin?



That’s the spirit.

#1.  The first toilet ever seen on television was on Leave It To Beaver.




Why do I know this?

I don’t know…  I just do.


#2.  Dr. Seuss pronounced his name so it rhymed with rejoice.




Dr. Soice? Say it isn’t so!

But it is.

You’re welcome.

#3.  A leech has 32 brains.




32 brains?

That seems like serious overkill, seeing that most government officials can’t find their first.

#4.  The world’s widest road is the Monumental Axis in Brazil where 160 cars can drive side by side.


And you know that guy in the far left lane is still going to try and take that right hand exit 100 feet before the ramp.




#5.  Three Mile Island is only 2.5 miles long.

Clearly a man named it, as they all measure 6 inches incorrectly.




I think this goes without saying.