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CSA, chili and our local pub.


Our weekly CDA is winding down for the year, but the harvest is still plentiful.



Peppers, turnip, ginger, Korean melon, spinach, salad greens, kohlrabi, radishes, chard, celery, dill and yes. Some awful version of kale.

Our weather has started to change and we’re feeling some delightfully brisk and crisp air. When that happens?



It’s time for a big pot of homemade chili. And a trip to our local pub.. at an off hour when no one is there. Perfect.



On the menu? Duck wings with sweet Thai chili sauce.



Tis the season.



And thanks in part to my suggestion… okay my endless badgering, whatever!… the owner has agreed to run weekly cocktail specials. He even bought a lovely coffee table book of choices for me to peruse.



Keep the customers happy.

And the really good customers like me? Keep them soused, they complain less that way.


Moving day should not include random body parts.


We helped a friend move last weekend.

Because… yes.




Moving is hard work.




There’s lots of stuff to pack…




Lots of stuff to lift…




And lots of stuff to push across homemade scrap wood ramps.




What do you mean that’s not how professionals do it?

The silly thing weighed a ton and it got there.

Do we really care how?

No. We do not…

What we do care about is finding random body parts.

Tell me you saw it.

In the picture with my husband carrying the bright blue garden bench? Go back and look, I’ll wait.




A random leg.

And it wasn’t the only one.




The damned things were popping up everywhere.





A wee bit.

But some of our friends are as well, so it’s to be expected….




It got to be a running joke about where they’d turn up….

So at the end of the day when we were relaxing with beer and bowls of chili?




Naturally we needed a centerpiece.




And P.S….

Just for the record –

As much as I wanted to move their 442 Olds right into my garage at home?




I restrained myself from stealing the keys when they weren’t looking.

That my dear, is the very definition of friendship.