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Nasty spam.


My spam folder is definitely getting blue.

And at times? It’s down right crude.


For example, I found this the other day.


Resort hopping Part 3… The Eagle Mountain House.


free porn pics of carmen hayes dos teens violently fucked doggy style.
royal doulton vintage clock girl cums during creampie lesbian triangles
meet women for sex dodge center Minnesota free gay foot torture.


There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s break it down shall we?

I don’t know who Carmen Hayes is, but I’m thinking perhaps the ASPCA should be notified.


 As you know, the husband and I wander around a lot of antique stores…. but I’m pretty sure I’ve never run across that particular piece of Royal Doulton. Nor do I want to.



And can someone please enlighten me, because clearly I lead a sheltered life in Maine. What exactly is a sex dodge center? The only mental image I have is dodgeball and that can’t be right. Or is it….


Free gay foot torture. While I appreciate a good deal as much as the next girl…. I think my bunions and I will have to pass on that.



My blue heaven….


We’re rapidly running out of fresh blueberries thanks to the crows…. so it was time to whip out my all time favorite blue recipe.

Lemon blueberry pound cake with a lemon zest glaze.




Ooh la la…. the batter has a stick of butter in it.




And once you add the berries?

I eat it like ice cream.

Do I make a mess when I bake?




You could say that.

But it’s so worth it.




Three loaves of buttery berried goodness.

I ran into a little SNAFU after they cooled and I started to make the glaze.




2017? No problem….

Expiration dates are for the weak.

But settle down, I Googled it.






If Google says it’s alright? Who am I to argue.




Lemon zest glaze.




I tend to do more than drizzle.




Because when have you ever heard someone say,  “I’ll take mine with less fabulousness please?”




Recipe as requested.

It should be noted I double…. oh alright, sometimes triple…. the glaze ingredients.

Winter blues….


No, not the depression.




Sorry, not the brothers either.

I’m talking about the colors.

Living in Maine, most of our winters are white. But there’s also a lot of beautiful blue…




And when a storm is moving in?




It’s really quite lovely.




These were all taken through my dirty winter windows last month, so be kind.




But spots and all..




You have to admit winter blues are pretty.




Even the ones that turn out kind of weird.