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We’ve all been there.


Epic fails in the kitchen. They usually happen when you’re having your MIL or the boss over for dinner.

So when I saw these online the other day? I had to share…



Not even close.



Funny, I’ve made this dish as well… but had no idea it was Italian.




Sometimes they just like to screw with you.



Ninja throwing apples!

I like.



Oh, hell no!

That mouth. I just can’t…



I’m all for making pets out of rocks, they’re so obedient. But this looks more like a creepy charcoal briquette.



It’s official.

I will never eat sausage again.


CSA and a few grocery store chuckles.


This week’s bounty was a large one.



Tomato, squash, radishes, zucchini, beets, parsley, celery, lettuce, Italian green beans, spinach and basil.

What it didn’t have was any of the bizarre little jewels the farm advertised at their stand.



Mouse melons.

I want!

What I didn’t want was the truck I parked behind at the grocery store telling me to eat more kale.



I’m not eating any kale, and you can’t make me.

Inside the store, this item looked interesting.



I like beer.

I like butterscotch.

But then I noticed it was non alcoholic cream soda and screamed false advertising.

You shouldn’t tease customers like that. Especially during a pandemic.

You also shouldn’t display things like this:



And not expect bloggers to take pictures and chortle over how utterly wrong they look.


CSA and more rude produce.


This week’s CSA bounty was full.



With onions, fairy tale eggplants, celery, garlic, basil, rainbow chard, tomatoes, carrots, and salad mix.

But did you see it?

There, on the right hand side…



A slightly wrong tomato.



It’s either flipping me off…



Or sticking out it’s tongue.



Either way?

It’s rude produce, and that’s just wrong.

So wrong…. it’s right.


My husband watches television to relax.

And while he’s usually knee deep in the news or old westerns, occasionally there will be a bit of classic cinema thrown into the mix.



Last week?

It was The Giant Claw.



Alternate title? When Dr. Seuss goes horribly wrong.



I mean come on.

Only a mother could love that face.



Engineer Mitch MacAfee (Jeff Morrow) spots a UFO while directing a study at the North Pole. But when the Air Force arrives they find nothing on radar, throwing Mitch’s reputation into doubt. But soon many airplanes are reporting attacks by a UFO, which turns out to be a giant speeding bird from outer space. Along with mathematician Sally Caldwell (Mara Corday), Mitch tries to determine a way to stop the bird, which has a force field that renders all weapons useless.


Yup. It was a classic.

Big Bird terrorizes New York.



Here he is attacking the United Nations.



1950’s people were running.




Which seemed to please the bird to no end.






Yeah, he liked those too.



But never fear, these scientists will save the day.



The world is counting on them.



Bird was not impressed.



But look at all those high tech tubes and toggle switches!

It was only a matter of time.



The Giant Claw was toast…

And slowly sunk into the Hudson River.