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Blog number one thousand two hundred twenty whatever, where River chases turkeys.


Wild turkeys. They’re comical and I love to watch them…



But then they discovered my deer grain pans.



I chased them, but half heartedly and with ridiculously cringe worthy baby talk.



But they’re turkeys, so as soon as I walked in the house and looked out the window? This.



So I chased them again. And that time they stayed gone for an hour… just long enough for me to put out the nightly deer snack.



While I don’t mind them coming to eat the dropped bird seed and assorted Casa River insects, they’ve figured out the buffet of deer grain, fruit and fox food is laid out at 3:00pm and this might be a problem.



Yes, another Revolutionary War museum post…..


But there was so much to see and I’m not even covering an eighth of it.




Oh, stop.

A little knowledge won’t hurt you, although these might.




While I’m not a general fan of firearms…




Even I had to admit they were beautiful in the 18th century.




The silver work was lovely.




And the under sides of the butt caps really did have grimacing faces… but the lighting, the glass cases, and the reflections prevented any of my pictures from being post worthy.




Everywhere you looked you were surrounded by history.




Which is basically my nerdy idea of heaven.

When I die? I want to find out who killed JFK, how the pyramids were built and the location of ancient Troy.


nerd girl


And trust me, I have a lot of shoes.




Impressive, right?




There was even a tree of knowledge. If only I could spread some of it’s seeds in our nation’s capitol today…..




Naturally we had to check out the surround sound movie.




Complete with battle scene sequence smoke rolling by on the floor.




And in my experience?

There are very few museums who actively instruct you to touch their balls.








Seriously big balls.




This now concludes the indoor museum section of our trip to Yorktown, Virginia.

Well, wait….

Maybe just one more thing.




Because who doesn’t love 244 year old rat skulls?