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Damn. We always miss the good stuff…


Since the virus apocalypse has killed our beloved Red Sox season this year, it’s been a struggle to find alternative viewing when we’re in the mood for something competitive.

So imagine my dismay when I realized we’d missed an entire day of stellar sporting events….



Damn it!

You know that was a nail biting, edge of your seat good time.

And if it wasn’t bad enough we missed the spitters?




We missed that too.

In fact, we missed an all star line up of great competitions.



Cheese rolling and stone skipping?

Be still my heart.



Stupid robots and slippery stairs?

These are probably future Olympic events!

And we missed them.


Dear unknown artist….


I live in Maine.

And I’m a Red Sox fan.

(Note to out of staters – this is non negotiable. Yankee fans will be shot on sight.)

But this?

Towering over me as I ate dinner the other night?

Not cool.



I’m guessing subtlety isn’t your strong suit….

But let me leave you with just one word:


Yours truly,

The unfortunate diner who sat in the shadow of these Sasquatch sized mammary glands for far too long.