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Miscellaneous musings.


I saw this the other day and was sorely tempted.



I totally need cherry tomato toting ants.

In other local news….



Such a neighborly thing to do.

And lately a dip in the pool has been sounding wonderful with temps being hot, hot, hot.



Of course this is Maine, so while it felt like 104 one morning…



Two days later it felt like 45.



I replanted my left over garden bed with geraniums after the baby woodchucks ate all the petunias.



But not before the little bastards darlings chewed all the leaves off my gay feather.



At least they left the blooms this time.




Now I’m wondering what an appropriate beef jerky card message would be.

I wanna hold your ham?

Nice to meat you?

Don’t go bacon my heart.

I have a t-bone to pick with you?


Pandemic humor.


Because you have to keep laughing.



That’s my plan.

If you have a better one, please share.



I wouldn’t doubt it at this point. Society does seem to be breaking down.

In Maine, a local reporter was interviewing random people last week, asking how they felt about the safety precautions … masks, social distancing, closures etc. When he asked a man who wasn’t wearing a mask… even though it was requested by the store and mandated by the town… the man spit on him.

That’s where we are.

So yeah… Godzilla really doesn’t seem too far fetched.



Dad jokes.

They’ll never die.



I hope so.

I certainly hope so.

It felt good to play in the dirt, until….


Spring has been a long time coming and I’m way behind on my garden work.

By this time I’ve usually got all the beds cleaned out and a few flowers blooming.

This year?

I’ve got weeds.



And random spikey things.



I spent 3 hours today getting rid of both.



I also reseated the brick border and tackled a bit of the bush from Hell.



If anyone ever asks if you want a flowering quince? Run.

Run far, and fast.

Preferably after you punch them in the throat for suggesting it in the first place.

Ours was here when we moved in and we’ve been battling it ever since. It grows over the roof each season and has roots that are 300 friggin’ feet deep. We’ve tried to dig it up, burn it out and hack it down to nubs numerous times.

I believe it likes the challenge….. and comes back stronger every time.



Did I mention it’s also full of thorns?



Good times.

I did 6 beds in the back and on the side of the house and felt good….






I turned over a brick and disturbed an ant nest. Within seconds those little suckers were crawling all over me and I had to run for a hose.

I rinsed most of them off but not before a few crawled up my pant leg.



Sadly, yes…. there were.

And the little bastards bit me too.