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News you can’t use.


And if you can use it? I’m sorry.



I haven’t read it, nor do I have any intention of reading it, but damn. That doesn’t sound pleasant.



Duly noted.



I never understand people who linger there to read or play with their devices. I adore reading… but there are more comfortable seats in the house.



That was one busy trio.



Yes, you read that correctly.



I’m proud to say my liquor consumption did not waver during the pandemic… and rest assured, I continue to do my part to shore up America’s potent potable economy.



The time had come.


Our annual pilgrimage to Tamworth Distillers in New Hampshire took place recently. The day was clear and cold and we found snow upon arrival.



But no one cares about that.



It’s a building filled with alcohol. Let’s shop!



I made a beeline to my very favorite gin, Damson plum… and gathered enough to make my checkbook squeal.



I passed on the whiskey made with beaver castoreum.



Because if he mixes it with urine to scent mark his territory ? I’m not using it to mix a cocktail.


Not going to happen.



I did try their extremely unique brandy.



Made with the durian fruit. You know … the one that smells like rotting flesh?

While the aroma wasn’t that horrible, it was a bit too potent for my taste.



We spent a good deal of time in the store because naturally the husband found a Marine to talk to. They were stationed in the same place, with the same squadron and knew a lot of the same people… which meant yours truly wandered aimlessly back and forth, trying more free samples than she should have.


Finally, a piñata I can get behind. And under.


I’ve never been a huge fan of piñatas. I mean really, if you give me a baseball bat and want me to hit something other than a ball? It better be something worthwhile… like a certain red squirrel who shall remain nameless.



But hold the phone…. there’s a piñata filled with liquor?



Nipyata! Count me in.



Covid? Sure I’ll give that a whack.



Clown? Definitely whacking that creepy SOB.



No, I might have to pass on that one. The husband wouldn’t want me practicing that particular swing.



Apologies to my Republican friends, but that’s just begging to be whacked. (And look, he’s on sale)



Grocery store oddities.


Proof positive you can find blog fodder everywhere.

Not being a Slim Jim or pork rind fan I passed on these…




I mean, hey… I like spicy food.

But not hot enough to make my pig squeal.

Then there was this –




A clever ad gimmick for Walking Dead fans, but I can turn into a zombie by drinking just about anything.

No apocalypse necessary.




I did buy these lemons.

Although I was little disappointed they didn’t have seed spitting lips.

Next time I’ll look for the GMO versions.

They’re always more interesting.




And finally, back to the liquor aisle.

While the name Screwball caught my attention….




I could come up with no reasonable explanation for adding peanut butter to a perfectly good whisky.

That’s just wrong.






A bridge too far.


Dear Pennsylvania,

It was with great sadness that I read the recent news reports from your state. I can only imagine the confusion, the shock, and yes… the absolute horror that this announcement brought.

If there’s anything I can do to help your devastated citizens who will struggle during this time of crisis, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours most sincerely,



No. I didn’t send that letter…. but I should.

I should, because I just discovered this:


Pennsylvania closes all state liquor stores indefinitely

All Pennsylvania state liquor stores and licensee service centers will close indefinitely tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced.

“This was a tremendously difficult decision to make, and we understand the disruption our store closures will have on consumers and licensees across the commonwealth,” Board Chairman Tim Holden said in a statement.

Holden continued:

“But in these uncertain and unprecedented times, the public health crisis and mitigation effort must take priority over the sale of wine and spirits, as the health and safety of our employees and communities is paramount.”

The liquor control board handles all beverage alcohol distribution in Pennsylvania, operating nearly 600 wine and spirits stores statewide. It licenses 20,000 alcohol producers, retailers, and handlers, according to the statement.






You have my deepest sympathies.


Cape Cod Day 8…. turkeys, traffic and booze. The way most of our vacations end.


Day 8 dawned bright and sunny and it was time to pack up and head for home. Of course packing means different things to men and women. It takes me considerable time…. seeing that I actually unpack my suitcases and put things away.

Remember? Me unpacked…




Husband’s idea of unpacked…





You really are a separate species.




The local turkey brigade came to wish us farewell.




And soon we were crossing the famous Sagamore Bridge and leaving Cape Cod.




It was a wonderful trip, and we enjoyed every minute of it. So much to see and do…. I’m sure we’ll go back someday.

Next step?








And it’s horrible, absolutely inescapable, bumper to bumper traffic. If you can avoid it?

By all means, do so.

Cruising into New Hampshire on I-95 means one thing. The New Hampshire State Liquor store…. no tax!




If we drive to our vacation? We stop here on the way back…. you almost have to. It’s like a rite of passage for New Englanders.



And tax free booze.

What’s not to love?




My haul this time included a few Game of Thrones inspired Johnnie Walker Christmas presents.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

And here’s a bone I’ll throw to all my food lovers.





At a riverside restaurant.




With an amazing beer selection.




And a list that went on and on and on…




To heck with the food…




I could just happily sit there and drink all day.




But yes, food.




Homemade chicken tenders and side salad for the husband.




And a massive portion of Truffle fries to accompany my chicken Caesar salad wrap.

So there you have it, the November Cape Cod trip.

The end.





While I realize it took me until January 20th to finish this series, as I sit here typing this… I still have over 2 weeks worth of Williamsburg, Virginia Christmas vacation photos to sort through and post. So don’t be surprised if you’re seeing Santa and his reindeer right through April….

You’ve been warned.