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Spreading a little sunshine….


Which is definitely better than spreading the other thing that’s going around.

I stopped at the grocery store the other day to pick up some milk for our neighbor, a lovely senior lady whose family is out of town. She was nervous about going shopping and I was happy to help.

Along with the milk?




I brought her a bouquet of flowers to add a little cheer to her self imposed quarantine.

We all need that nowadays.




Got one for myself as well.

Wish I’d thought to arrange her batch before I delivered them…. they were exactly the same, but needed a little tweaking.

Oh well, they made her smile.

And that’s really all that matters.


We interrupt your normally scheduled program…


So I hope you’ve been enjoying my White Mountain vacation series. I know I tend to go a little overboard with the pictures, but what can I say?



I’ll have you know it took me an entire week to wade through the 1704 shots I’d taken and distill it down to a reasonable essence.

Alright… yes.

The essence is going to run halfway through December, but just think how long it would have gone on if I hadn’t distilled.




Sorry, that was harsh.

Khaled had me feeling a little street.

Anyhoo… the reason for this post?

Remember when I told you we were going to have to cram a few vacations in before the end of the year because the husband wasn’t retiring? Well, good news! We just finished vacation week number two and are probably on the road returning from Cape Cod as you read this.





That means another tsunami of photographs from our coastal Massachusetts adventures.




Sorry, I can’t.

Hard to believe that in all the years I’ve lived in New England, I’ve never visited that region…. and though we’re going off season, I’m sure we had a blast. My plan was to hop the car ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard as well but we’ll play that by ear as I don’t know their winter schedule.

So sit back and enjoy the (virtual) ride.



Because you followed me, silly.

Now pay the price and enjoy the modern version of your 1950’s neighbor’s slide show.




A visitor and a test drive.


As the husband was laying tar paper on the roof of the baby barn the other day, our farming neighbor dropped by to say hello on one of his toys.




Clearly my husband is not the only one who likes old and rusty things.




I have to laugh at how comfortable the husband looked up on the roof.

Give him a beer and a snack and he could happily watch the game from there.




Neighbor’s 2 year old son is a cutie and loves going for a ride with dad.

That being said…




You know husband had to take a ride himself.




And I can only hope our neighbor never wants to sell the damn thing…




Because you know where it would probably end up.


Colors and critters.


Looking across the street to our neighbor’s organic vegetable farm is always interesting.




But this time of year, it’s downright beautiful.




Who knew artichokes could be so pretty?

And when our neighbor has wood chips delivered….








When you’re a farmer’s child?

You don’t need no stinkin’ sandbox.




On the critter front,




We’re down to one lone woodchuck.




He’s still fat…




And still clumsy…




And still hangs out on our deck once in a while. But it’s autumn, and all his brothers and sisters are finding dens and getting ready for winter. I doubt even this one will be here much longer.





Autumn also means the deer are changing into their darker winter coats. One summer coated hold out is on the right for comparison.




A murder of crows have now discovered our bird bath.

Why are they called a murder?

The Oxford English Dictionary suggests this is an allusion to the crow’s traditional association with violent death or its harsh and raucous cry.  If you’ve ever heard dozens of agitated crows in full cry, it really does sound as if they’re yelling bloody murder.

As long as they don’t murder me in my sleep, I don’t care what you call them.






Uh oh.





And finally, we have a new skunk in town.




I admit I never really paid attention to skunk tails before, but we’ve had so many different families this year I’ve gotten to recognize them by their individual patterns.

This is Tippy.





Brilliantly named for the white tip on her tail.

Is she really a she?

I neither know, nor care to get close enough to find out.








Never let it be said….


We have boring neighbors.

Looking out the window last week I saw this:




Thinking I was sober…

I found another window to be sure.




Okay, still there.




Yes, there really was a T Rex walking up our neighbor’s driveway.


Maybe he was on his way to the store….




Maybe he was just out strolling with a friend.




Although what the hell that neon green thing was supposed to be has yet to be determined.




Never a dull moment as Casa River.